Mindful Productivity Podcast

Cozy Conversations: Making things work for you, Emailing during world events, and setting intentions

September 05, 2022 Sarah Steckler Episode 198
Mindful Productivity Podcast
Cozy Conversations: Making things work for you, Emailing during world events, and setting intentions
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Let's have a cozy conversation about:

  • What I learned from taking a "summer sabbatical" from Instagram
  • Making things in your business work FOR you
  • The pressure to email or not email your list when things happen in the world - and what I'm doing moving forward
  • Setting Intentions and sharing what mine are for September!

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Hello, hello. You are listening to episode 198 of the Mindful Productivity podcast. I'm your host, Sarah Steckler, and today I'm starting a new series that will be ongoing maybe one a month or so called cozy conversations. Today I want you to get cozy, go on a walk, do something where you want to, just feel like you're talking to a friend. And we're going to talk a little bit about intention setting and really doing things your way, what that means, some lessons I've learned lately, what I learned from my big summer sabbatical break from Instagram, more or less. And hopefully some of these things will be inspiring to you. So let's go ahead and jump into the podcast. Welcome to the Mindful Productivity Podcast. I'm your host, Sarah Steckler, and this is the place to be, to live a more mindful and productive life. If you're ready to turn daily chaos into calm and start your days with intention, then get ready to join me as we dive deep into mindful living and personal productivity, it's time to connect with your true self so you can live the life you want to live. And it all starts now. Hello, how are you? I've missed you. I've missed being on the podcast. It has been over a month since I recorded a new episode and just a reminder that breaks are totally okay and totally needed. And I thought it would be fun today to have a cozy conversation with you and to talk a little bit about setting intentions. Making things easier for ourselves in our life and business. Some ways to kind of reframe the ways that we think about things that we quote. Unquote. Have to do or places that we have to show up and how you can either totally not do those at all or you can reframe how you're looking at things so that things can kind of serve you more. Right. And so I thought it would be fun to kind of start out with a little bit of a recap of how my summer went and some of the things that totally threw my business off track. I had, historically the worst sales month ever in July. Like, there were no new sales in my business, and that was so alarming to me, and I was so worried. Since then, things have completely picked back up, but there were a number of reasons why I think that happened, and sometimes this just does happen, right? So historically, July and my business, July August are pretty much like kind of dead zones. I think one of those reasons has to do with the fact that I typically just don't want to do as much in my business. And so the little things you might do, like talking about your offer somewhere or putting an extra effort to make sure you have reminders for things just don't get done. I also got incredibly sick for over a month, and that sucked I had like back to back sicknesses, food poisoning. I will spare you the details, but it was bad. I think I mentioned that before on the podcast. But regardless, not so fun. But when you are used to seeing like recurring revenue and things come in your business and then there's like a pause which I don't think anyone's immune to this and people could say, well, make sure you have your systems and your evergreen stuff in place. Sure. But when the world is just going through something, there's reasons why you might not make as many sales. So that was like one thing that happened in my business and it definitely threw me for a loop. I was so glad that I did still have income coming in from different recurring things in my business and payment plans from students and stuff like that, so I was fine. But to go a whole month without like one new enrollment was crazy. Right? And I just want to be honest with you and share that here because I think most entrepreneurs, you don't want to ever make people think that you're not completely succeeding in every way all the time. But I'm a human and things in my business are definitely not perfect, but it still sustains me and I'm able to do it right. So that happened and I was sick and I started feeling the whole way and then I started feeling like extra burnt out. And that was one of the reasons why I decided, you know what, I'm going to actually take a summer sabbatical from Instagram. And I didn't end up being off of it completely, but I just more or less what ended up happening was I took away the pressure to post all the time or do reels or do any of these things that I don't know, I didn't really want to do in the first place. I really just miss old Instagram, to be honest. I loved the fact that you could just go on and read quotes and see fun photos and there'd be no sound. And now it sucks because sometimes I just want to be like cozy in bed going through Instagram and every other thing is just like loud and in your face. I missed where it was just text and photos and that was it. So I don't know if that will ever come back. Maybe I'm totally old school, but I miss it. So I stopped doing all these things that I pressured myself into, right? And it's easy too, because there's a lot of people telling you on Instagram, here's how you grow it. Right, and here's how you do it. And they're not wrong. You can absolutely keep following the algorithm and keep chasing all of that. But I found that when I really took a look at what was working in my business, the majority of my sales weren't coming from my Instagram reels or posts. In fact, the majority of my sales were Publish with Purpose aren't even coming directly from my email list. Most people on my email list are people like you that are listening to this podcast. You're interested mindful productivity podcast and notion and paper planning and all that, not necessarily interested in publishing your own planner? Some of you are. There is some crossover, but the majority of those sales actually come from my articles, so they come from SEO. I have a lot of people I would say probably 80% of my enrollments come from people searching for me, searching for how to publish a planner online, finding that and then reading the blog post articles I have, watching my publishing master class or downloading the guide and then deciding to enroll, which is pretty awesome, and I want to leverage that more. But with that being said, it really made me realize people might just not be searching for that in the middle of July. Because that's the majority of where I find people, is that they're searching for it and they enroll. And so I had that thought, and then I was like, okay, well, if most of your sales aren't specifically for publish with Purpose aren't coming directly from the output you're having in social media, what is social media to you? Right? And so maybe this is something you can think about. What does Instagram or Twitter or YouTube or whatever you use or don't use? What is that doing for you and your audience? For me, I realized it was like this big AHA moment that for me, Instagram isn't necessarily about finding new people organically, like because I had the right hashtags or because I real went viral or something like that. Instead, I really love using Instagram as this cozy place to just post fun things about planning and in my office and getting to know people. And a lot of times what will happen is I'll have new students enroll in a program, and then I'm always like, hey, now that you're in the program, make sure you're following me on Instagram. So if we need a DM or anything, like, that's the place to do it. And so a lot of people come follow me there, and then I end up building these really cool relationships or just like acquaintance kind of things with students, with other business owners, and it's so fun. And so I realized Instagram for me is not this like, business growth strategy anymore. Instead, it's an online, cozy community place where I want to nurture my current people. I want to continue to talk with other business owners that we have things in common and we have kind of like a biz friendship, and I want to share my planners and what I'm doing with my Bulldog and our Planner picnics and what Starbucks latte I got today or whatever. And that's what I want to do. And it's kind of nurturing the people that are already within my audience. And when I started thinking about it that way, instagram started becoming really fun again. And then if I did create a real or something, it was with that in mind, it was like not creating something because I thought it would get more people interested in me, like, hey, like me pick me, right? Instead, it was just sharing my own stuff. And so I don't know if that reframe applies to you, but the way that my business model is structured, like my email list growth and then my SEO is really kind of the backbone of where I generate leads, so to speak, right? Where I generate interest in my products and offers and this podcast too. But Instagram, when I really looked at the data, was not driving sales. And so the value of that for me is like, I really do enjoy being on there when it's not about big time marketing pushing stuff. I still do that. We just had a new self paced enrollment launch for Publish with purpose offering a new self paced option for the course, which is like, you can save like 40% enrolling that way. And a lot of people were like, oh yeah, I'm finally able to now do it. And so I did talk about that on Instagram and had links and stuff, of course, but other than that, no, I didn't expect to be talking about this specifically for almost ten minutes now. But think about, I don't know, ways that you show up online and realize that you can do so many different things. Like, you can show up, you can be so many different parts of yourself online. One of the reasons why I've held back on really pursuing my YouTube channel is that I always feel like if I do it, it has to be like a certain way. And most of my videos on there now are just me doing like, planner flip throughs and sharing, like how I do brain dumps or how I use my planners or what hobaniches I'm going to buy for the next year. And that brings me so much joy and people enjoy it. And so there's just so many different ways to be creative and create content online. And I think it's really worth taking back the content we do create and making it feel really fun. And the articles I have on my website that really drive sales, those aren't necessarily the things that were like the most fun to write, right? But they are catered to SEO and they're bringing in the results that I really need to keep making money in my business. Therefore, I have the creative freedom to do Instagram stories that are just about, you know, working at coffee shop or do YouTube videos that are just about planner flip throughs and stuff like that. So think about the ecosystem of your business and your social media and just take back control of what you want. Because for a while there. Back in like around my birthday in June and stuff, I really was having that feeling like, f this, I don't want to be on Instagram anymore. I don't want to be on social media at all. And I was really feeling that way, like, maybe it's now time to say goodbye. And there's nothing wrong with that at all. I see a lot of people doing that and like, more power to them. But what I realized was I actually really do enjoy the connections I have on Instagram. And it was really more so about taking back my own autonomy within that. So I don't know if that's helpful to you, but that was kind of my big takeaway from my summer sabbatical away from Instagram. Also had just a ton of fun. We did have our heat waves and stuff here that I barely got through. I am not a fan of the heat. I cannot wait for colder weather. But Bella and I, we did so many, like, planner picnics. We went to so many parks. I went on some really fun drives out to further out in the country with my mom, and we celebrated her birthday and went out to breakfast. And this past weekend, too, did similar stuff with my husband. And it was just so nice to really be intentional about all of those things. And another huge thing I did that I actually went way better than I could have ever imagined was for our past published with purpose, self paced launch. So the program is normally I've only offered the program with the support level attached to it, which means that students get access to all of our live calls and live rounds every time we do it, and we do two a year. So it's like an incredible value, right? Because you joined once and then you can publish endless journals and planners and you can always join those calls. Like you don't have to pay every round or something. And I just love that business model. And it's just like so fun too, because every time I run a live round, I get to reconnect with all these students that maybe I haven't talked to in six months. And even though students don't necessarily join every single round, I've had students that I haven't talked to in a couple of years because they've joined, like, when the program started in 2019. And it's just nice to reconnect. But anyway, for this launch of the self paced thing, I was kind of in that summer sabbatical stage, and I was like, I don't want to have to show up on Instagram. I don't want to have to plan all these posts and reels. I did end up making a couple because I just wanted to, but I was like, no, I'm going to actually schedule out all of my emails ahead of time. Write all of them, schedule all of them. I'm no longer going to worry about, like, what if I have an email scheduled and something happens in the world or in the news? I feel like that could be a whole other episode, but I'm kind of past there's, like, a lot of pressure for a while to not show up or not do things if something in the world happened. And I started kind of feeling like that sucked. Not because it's like, oh, I can't make money, but more so because I was like, why is everything always back on the consumer or the small business owner, right? Why don't big corporations have the same pressures on them? It's always like, women in small businesses. It's kind of like the whole gosh, I'm going on a huge tangent, right? It's kind of like the whole green washing stuff for a while, especially back, I feel like, in 2015 and stuff, when green products really started becoming more mainstream, there was this pressure, and I definitely fell into it of buy the most green, ethically sourced everything you can, laundry detergent this and that and the other. And there's like a green tax on it, right? It was way more expensive. It was a very privileged thing to be able to do. I'm buying, like, completely paraben free, blah, blah, blah, blah, everything, right? And it's like everything seems to be an extra $7. And it was like this push that all of climate change is based on consumerism and like, what we at the consumer level do when, yes, what we do individually makes a difference. But really, what would really change it, right, is if bigger companies and corporations had more accountability for their actions. Like, that's where a lot of stuff is happening. And so my point in sharing this long tangent is that with the email situation, I felt like there was especially, like, in the beginning of the year, we have the ongoing war in Ukraine, and I just didn't feel like it was appropriate to email everybody out or like, even sell anything when that was happening. But then it also got to this point where I was like, well, but the world is still turning and it's like a really shitty truth. Let me actually share this other story with you that kind of paint this picture well. And if you'd like to continue this conversation, please do. You can always hit me up on Instagram at Sarah Steckler if you have thoughts on this too. I'd be so curious. This is a sad story, but in my local town, there's a Dairy Queen here and the owner, his son, who was only like, god, I want to say maybe 18 or 19, was tragically killed in a car accident over the summer. He was driving home, I think, at 1030 at night or something like that. And this other guy, who was like 22, was driving drunk and was going entirely too fast down this hill in his truck and ran right into this poor kid and killed him on impact. And it was just so sad. And the community has been rallying around our local Dairy Queen and on you know how business signs, like the ones where they put up the individual letters, they usually have two sides to them, right? So as you're coming into this town where I live, it said, like, rip this guy's son's name. And it was up there for so long, and then when I drove past it and I saw it and I looked back at the Dairy Queen as I was driving past it, and I noticed on the other side it said, try our new, like, take five Blizzard. And I remember just being like, wow. It was the reality of what the world is, right? On one side of a Dairy Queen sign, you have, rest in peace, my son who died just died, like, this week. And then on the other side it's, hey, have you tried our new Blizzard flavor? And honestly, I had so many conflicting thoughts about this whole thing, and I thought it's hard to even put it into words, but it was also like, is it just the way the world is? I don't know how else to put it. It would be great if we lived in a world where things didn't have to keep doing it'd. Be great if we lived in a world where things could just stop. I remember when I was in middle school, I think it was, and Bush announced that we were going to war with Iraq and everything. And I remember calling my dad and being like, what's going to happen? Am I still going to go to school? I had no idea, right? And my dad said, Sarah, just because we go to war doesn't mean that the world stops. And that was such a weird lesson for me because I was like, what do you mean? Of course, don't we all just stop existing right now? Don't we all just stop doing things? And it's not all just about this one thing now. And the truth is, no, that's not how things work. And I think there are moments in time and moments in history where there is pause and needed pause. We saw that in 2020 with George Floyd. Let's stop collectively and really look at what's going on here and really take a look at individually what we're not doing. But then at the same time, right, you still have to go get groceries and you still have to make dinner and you still have to run your business or go to work or take care of your kids or whatever, right? It doesn't all actually stop. And you probably felt the same kind of thing if you went through a huge loss or a tragedy in your life. When you're mourning and grieving, it's incredibly disparaging and surreal that people are still living their lives or getting a Starbucks or complaining about the fact, they don't have a new iPhone. When you're experiencing the most incredible pain and grief you've ever had in your life, you're like, how can these people possibly be doing anything else than understanding what I'm going through? And it's that lesson, that hard, shitty lesson of the world keeps turning no matter what happens. And so my point in sharing this story that I was not planning on sharing at all, is that I, for a long time, didn't plan out and do things in my business ahead of time because I was living under this fear of what if something else happens in the world? And it's like, sensitive. And the truth is that every day there are things happening in the world. Our attention just isn't always brought to it, right? Any day, right now, in some country, in some town, unfortunately, there is something horrible that just happened. Earth shatteringly horrible. Does that mean that we should not send out an email or show up in our business? That depends. That's our own decision. I don't think you're ever going to please everyone. I'm just realizing more and more that the way I'm going to run my business is that I'm going to stand up for what I think is right. I have the stuff presented on my website for what I do, my own accountability with that. But I still have to show up and live my life as a human being. And you still have to keep going. We are only responsible for what we can control, and we can only we alone cannot fix every issue. And so I finally kind of came to that head. I finally came to that realization. And so I was like, you know what? For this launch, I'm going to put away all that fear, and I'm going to schedule all my damn emails. I'm going to schedule all of them. Because the truth is that whether or not I send an email on a given day because something happens or doesn't happen in the world, I don't know. It's just such a small thing. I hope you understand. I'm not trying to be inconsiderate, but it's like, why am I putting so much weight on one email? I'm sending like, I'm one person in the world, almost. Like, why do I think I have so much power or something? Or why does it matter? I don't know. Point is, so I schedule out all my emails. I had, like, I think it was like two weeks worth of emails. I sent out an email every single day for this launch around in the morning and just shows what a long way I came. Because I remember when I used to do launches, I would freak out about emailing my list. Like, oh no, people are going to hate me for emailing them every day. They're going to hate me for talking about the fact that I'm like, talking about publishing planners, blah, blah. And did people unsubscribe. Yeah, I think I averaged about ten to 20 unsubscribed for every single email. And I think I had about a 35% open rate on my emails. Right now. I have like 4000 people on my email list. It's not huge. And everyday people unsubscribed. I didn't get any hate emails. It's just interesting. You always think when you do something, someone's going to email back and be like, how dare you email me. That like, never happens. Anyway, the launch went really well. We got a great amount of new enrollments. We had a lot of people join the self paced round. I had a couple of people join that and they're like, hey, I'm actually going to upgrade to the support round. I just like, this is what I have right now and I'm going to do this. Cool. We had a couple of people enroll in the full option. And what was so great about it is that all the emails were scheduled and done ahead of time. So this whole two week launch period was the most stress free, easy going, no big deal. I wasn't checking my email for Thrive Cart sales every minute and I wasn't worried about it. And I don't think I saw sales until like the fourth or fifth day. That's just another thing. People enroll at the end and people need a lot of time to think about whether or not they're going to invest. But it was great moving forward. That is how I'm doing launches. From now on, I am planning out everything ahead of time. Scheduling it and doing it because I wasn't stressed. I was not stressed. I've done lunches before where I write the emails as I go because that's just the mood I've been in. Stressful, so stressful. And this was great. Granted, I had a lot of email and copy to work with that I've used for years and so I tweaked a lot of things. I wasn't reinventing the wheel from scratch, but it was great. So I wanted to share that story. Gosh was not expecting to go on this big of a tangent. But do things your way. I guess. Is one of the things I wanted to talk about in today's cozy conversation is that think about how you want to show up and do things and really look at your metrics and see what's actually making a difference. What's moving the needle not only with your sales. But also with your energy level and your emotional capacity. Like if showing up on Instagram every day just feels like a chore and you hate it and you don't like how you feel like you have to do it, then don't do it that way or don't do it at all. I know it's so trite, but life is so short. Your business really should not be something that you dread. Why did you start this business? Right? So do things your way. The last thing I wanted to touch on today after my giant ramble about some deep stuff is just setting intentions, as I'm sure you might know if you've listened to the podcast for a while, I deeply struggle with my mental health. It is an ongoing process. I'm still trying to heal from trauma. I feel like, aren't we all right? But there are definitely times when I just don't have access to my creative brain or my normal self or my energy. Like, I'm just zapped. And with September here now and fall coming, that is like, my jam. I don't know what it is, but when the calendar hits September 1, I have all of my mojo back. I'm excited. The weather's cooling down. I'm in my groove. Whatever it is, that is my time. And so I've been excited to actually set some more intentions, right? Because the summer I didn't set any intentions. My intention was, please stop being sick. What can we do to stop being sick? And so if you listen to my past episode, I believe it's episode 197. I talk about setting monthly mini goals, and I break all those down. There's a really fun little freebie printable you can download, too. So I thought it'd be kind of fun in today's episode to talk a little bit more about intentions. And I guess the big difference between minigals and intentions is that intentions are kind of just like, what do you want to do? Where do you want your brain to go? What are things you want to keep top of mind? Right? The intentions are things that can guide your behavior. And I think the mini goals are the actual actions that you'll take that will lead to objectives or outcomes that you're seeking in your life, right from all areas. So I thought it would be fun to share a little list. And I'll have a photo of this. I totally just smacked my microphone. I'll have a photo of this on my blog and on Instagram as well. But I thought it'd be fun to share my September intentions with you and what they are. I've got 15, and some of these things are really simple, and I hope they inspire you to set some fun intentions. Number one, and these are in no particular order, like paint by numbers and puzzles. I have been having so much fun with paint by numbers. Granted, I didn't do any of the month of August. I just go get them at Michaels. You can order them online. There's also some really cool companies online that you can order, like canvases through and stuff that have them. But paint by numbers and puzzles, I actually have quite a few puzzles I got from the dollar tree that were like a dollar or I think it's like a dollar 25. Now, they're for kids, but I buy them and do them. And I like them because I can do them in a short amount of time. Like, I don't feel overwhelmed by a giant puzzle. And it's just a great way for me to get out of my head. I also have the intention to drink three Stanleys daily. So I have my Stanley quencher. I'm a big fan of these. They keep my water so cold. I'm not a sponsor, but it could be. Hey, Stanley. And I put ice in them and I filled them up. They're like 40oz and they have a little handle and they have a straw. And I didn't think I would like drinking out of a straw with my water every day. I've been like a water bottle type of person. But I suck these things down like crazy, okay? And it's really easy for me to drink two a day and I'm like, let's bump it up to three. So that's one of my intentions. Another one is read daily before bed. I've done really good at not being on TikTok the past couple of weeks, but I still struggle to read. And this is, like, something I feel so insecure about because I see all these people that are always reading all these books and I want to read more. It's not that I can't read, but I struggle to sit down and do it. Once I'm actually reading a book, it's great, but the whole process of getting myself to sit down and hold still and read is hard. If I could walk and physically read a book, I'd be so happy. And maybe I need to try putting, like, a stand on my treadmill or something to read. And I know I could listen to books, too. Totally. Also cool. But I just struggle to sit down and read. So I often check out books from the library and then have to take them back or they're overdue and I haven't even read them yet. Or, like, I'll post a photo of a book I'm about to read at a park with Bella and something will happen and then we have to leave. And people are like, oh, that book is so good. Let me know what you think of it. And then I'm like, I never actually got to read it. So anyway, the intention is to get in bed and read instead of being on my phone. And I'd like to finish two books this month. I'd like to finish two books. I am reading one. It's been slow going about. Data. Hold on, let me pause this. And look, I have it written down. Okay? Fun fact did you know if you go to my website, if you go to Sarah Steckler.com now, you can see what I'm doing right now. So I have what I'm reading right now written down. So I'm reading this book called Invisible Women exposing Data Bias in a World Design for Men by Caroline Crowdo. Perez, I think is her name. It's so fascinating. It will make you so mad, but it's really interesting. Just about how medical studies weren't even required to have women, I think, until 1994. Like, what? And all these different things that have just been created, like even like, sidewalks and roads that have been designed with men as the default and not considering women at all. And so it's just very interesting. And every time I read it, I'm like, my husband is learning so much. So I'm like, did you know? Anyway, that is the book I'm reading, so that's really good. And so the goal this month is to finish that book and another one. Another intention I have is to actually finish my Pretty Productive Life curriculum overhaul. This program is getting such a big overhaul and there have been so many new updates in Notion, which I'm so happy for, but I'm like, oh, no, now my other trainings don't factor those in. They still work, right? But I really want to upgrade, update all of that and then just get the new curriculum out because I'm going to be launching that new program, Fingers Crossed in October. I would also like to walk at the park three times a week. There's an amazing park just up the road from me, and it is Chef's Kiss, the most amazing fall place to walk, because if you get there early in the morning, it's still cold and crisp and there's like fog and birds and you're walking in the middle of a wetland. It is amazing. Another intention evening Journaling in my office, really sitting down and doing that and also having tea and doing my little wind down routine. I want to get back into playing Animal Crossing. I feel so bad because anytime I have these sprints where I get really into Animal Crossing and I play almost every day and I water my pumpkins and pick my apples and do all my stuff and say hi to all my little friends and then if I don't play for a couple of months, they're like, where have you been? And so I always like, I know it's just a video game. And I'm always like, oh, my God, are they in there, like, digitally upset that I'm not there? I also want to work on I'm putting together an idea for a new planner for 2023. It's probably going to be undated and I don't know that it's going to be like, a planner planner. I have a couple of ideas of, like, something specific I might launch. And I do have a couple more pocket planner ideas, too, so that's fine. I want to try three new recipes this month. Like brand new recipes, like things I've never made ever. One of them was like a good hot and sour soup. I want to make some soups, like underrated food item, you know what I mean? Anytime I make a good soup, I'm like, wow, I didn't think this would be filling. And it is, and it's wonderful. There's a really good I think it's coconut based coconut milk, butternut squash, sage soup I make. And then you get some Cristini bread, like chop it up and put some butter on it in the oven so good so that I want to bake chocolate chip cookies. It has been far too long since I've baked any cookies. I already went to the store and got chocolate chips. I have all the ingredients I need. I am very excited. Once it's cool enough and using the oven doesn't feel like a crime against the heat in our apartment, I will do that. I want to set some time to outline all of my Q four goals, not only for my business but also my life and myself. And then I want to do a better job of tracking like my cycle and my mood and my mental health. You know when you go to the doctor and they're like, when was the last time you had your period? And you're like, hi, I'm twelve. I don't know. What do you mean you don't know? I don't know. I know what happened but I didn't check it. I want to get better at that and also just writing down more things with my mental health. I'm thinking about updating the. I share these things in hopes that somebody will email me and be like, you said on the podcast that you were going to do this. Where is it? That never happens. But I'm thinking about updating the Every year I make a new version of the Energy Driver Habit Tracker, which is a Google sheet where you can identify your twelve I think it is main energy drivers for your day and then track them and then it tells you, hey, Wednesday is your best day of the week. Or like Thursday, you don't do shit. What's wrong with you? I'm just kidding. It does tell you when you're doing good and bad though. But I was thinking about updating that and including mood and cycle tracking stuff too. I know there's like a lot of apps for that. I personally feel weird about using some of those apps with all the RVW stuff going on, but I do want to include that in the Energy Driver Habit Tracker just to track like more of that kind of stuff. And then I also need to go get a schedule of physical with my doctor and shout out to Kelly Cove by the way, because I think I'm going to also schedule a full body skin check with the dermatologist. I've never done that before, but she on her Instagram. I feel like it was like a year ago she posted this whole thing about how you need to go do that every year and I've never done anything like that. And I'm like, you know what, she's right. I don't know how that goes. I'm a little worried about the fact that someone would be looking at my entire body and checking skin and when I'm nervous. I make horrible, stupid jokes, and doctors never seem to laugh or appreciate it. So I'm like, this is going to be interesting, but I need to do that. So those are my intentions for September. We really rambled, didn't we? I hope you're having a nice walk. If you're walking and listening to this or whatever you're doing, I would love to know what you're doing. I secretly wish that people would take photos of what they're doing when they're listening. So I feel like we can hang out because it's weird. Like, it's like a one way conversation, right? Me talking to you and I have no idea what you're doing. But anyway, I hope you have a really lovely week ahead. I'm excited to get back into the podcast and share more and teach some more things. There's some more notion content coming and all that good stuff. So if you have things you'd like me to talk about or you just want to say hi, please send me a message on Instagram@sarahsteclair.com. And as always, you can find more resources, planners, all that good stuff over Sarah Steckler.com. Please go check it out. If you love the podcast, you're going to love everything that you find there. Hi, have a wonderful week ahead. I will see you back here next Monday. Thanks for listening. I'll talk to you then. Bye.